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Sharjah Food Safety Program (SFSP)

We are the consulting partner for Sharjah Municipality in the Sharjah Food Safety Program (SFSP), an integrated program with training, exams, food safety management systems and audits for food businesses.

Program Scope

The program focusses on the food sector in Sharjah, which includes over 7,000 food service, food retail, and food manufacturing businesses. Starting with Good Hygiene Practice (GHP) for all food businesses, the program then proceeds to Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) on a sector-by-sector basis. 


GHP Requirements

Food businesses are required to:

  1. Nominate on-site food safety managers,

  2. Undertake GHP manager training (from an approved trainer) and pass municipality exams,

  3. Customise a set of Safe Operating Procedures (SOPs) for GHP procedures,

  4. Undertake innovative visual GHP staff training and pass municipality exams,

  5. Ensure all procedures are implemented in practice and pass a municipality audit,

  6. Proceed to the HACCP stage of the program.

HACCP Requirements

  1. Undertake HACCP training for core HACCP team (from an approved trainer) and pass municipality exams,

  2. Develop or update existing HACCP system (with sector-specific systems, including Menu-Safe HACCP for food service and catering),

  3. Ensure the system is fully implemented in practice and pass a municipality audit.

World Health Organisation (WHO) Healthy City

Sharjah was officially named as a WHO Healthy City, during the visit of senior officials from the World Health Organisation (WHO) in 2012, becoming the first Middle Eastern country to be accredited as a WHO Healthy City.


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The Sharjah Food Safety Program has been published in the peer-reviewed academic literature, in collaboration with TSI. 


The Sharjah Food Safety Program: Implementing innovative best practice to improve public health.

(Al-Qassemi, R.A., Ibrahim, M.A., Azzam, B., Taylor, J. & Shannon, D.).

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