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PIC Food Safety Program - Dubai Municipality

Food businesses in Dubai are required to identify PICs (persons in charge) of food safety, and ensure they are trained and certified on the Dubai Municipality PIC program. We are an approved Certification Body for the PIC Food Safety program including the PIC, PIC Advanced and PIC Train-the-Trainer assessments. We train and approve trainers, create training materials, run examinations and award certificates.


TSI is accredited by the Emirates International Accreditation Centre (EIAC) as an Awarding Body for PIC. The accreditation is in accordance with ISO 17024 – Conformity assessment – General requirements for bodies operating certification of persons.


The Dubai PIC program has been published in the peer-reviewed academic literature, in collaboration with TSI.

Food Safety Challenges and Initiatives in the Dubai Hospitality Industry

(Al-Awadhi, K.M.S, AbdulRahman, A., Snyder, P., AlSheikh, A., Krishna, B., Taylor, J.)


View full article here

  Certification Prerequisites 

  1. Be an employee of a food business in Dubai.

  2. Hold a valid Emirates ID.

  3. Complete Basic Food Safety training.

  4. Be registered in the Foodwatch system.

  5. Attend Foodwatch training.


  Certification Process

  1. Apply via an approved training company or your food business trainer.

  2. Sign the agreement and add your personal information.

  3. Attend the exam.

  4. Get your result and certificate from the training company.

Government Program Management


Management of Impartiality

TSI understands the importance of impartiality in carrying out its certification activities; TSI manages conflict of interest and ensures the objectivity of its awarding activities. Based on this, TSI has documented its structure, policies and procedures to manage impartiality and to ensure that certification activities are undertaken impartially. TSI's senior management is committed to impartiality in all its certification activities and to ongoing continual improvement.


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