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Ajman Public Health Program

The Ajman Public Health Program (APHP) is a comprehensive initiative to safeguard public health in the Emirate of Ajman. The current scope of the APHP includes food businesses, salons, barber shops and beauty centres. The APHP is based on international best practice for training, examinations, management systems, audit and certification, as well as program management.

As per the Ajman Local Order for public health No. 01/2015, food safety Federal Law No.10 / 2015, and Local Orders No. 4/2010 & 1/2015; the implementation of APHP is mandatory for all food and health related businesses in Ajman Emirate'. Click below to register.

How to become an APHP approved trainer, auditor or consultant and more procedures are available below:

Our APHP Approved Training Centres:

APHP Workflow Charts


Groceries (High-Risk)


Groceries (Low-Risk)




Small Food Businesses

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