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Privacy Policy

Our website uses cookies to enhance your experience. This policy details the use of cookies and your rights concerning your personal data.

  1. Types of Cookies Used and Their Purpose: A. Essential Cookies: Necessary for basic website functionality. B. Performance Cookies: Help in understanding website usage, collected anonymously. C. Functionality Cookies: Enable personalized user experience based on preferences. D. Advertising Cookies: Used for tailored advertising, based on user interests.

  2. Consent for Cookies: Your explicit consent is required for non-essential cookies. You can give, modify, or withdraw your consent at any time via our cookie settings tool. Essential cookies do not require consent but can be blocked through browser settings, affecting site functionality.

  3. User Control and Preferences: Adjust your cookie preferences through our cookie settings tool or your browser settings. 

  4. Data Privacy and Protection: Data collected by cookies is used in accordance with our Privacy Policy, aligning with UAE data protection regulations. Data storage, transfer, and retention details are transparently provided.

  5. Data Subject Rights: As per UAE law, you have the right to access, rectify, or delete your personal data obtained through cookies. 

  6. Compliance Monitoring and Regular Updates: This policy is subject to regular audits for compliance with the latest UAE data protection laws. Users will be notified of significant policy updates.

  7. Accessibility and Language Options: This policy is provided in English. For versions in other languages or accessibility assistance, please contact us via email [].

  8. Contact Information: For any inquiries regarding the Cookie Policy or your data privacy rights, please contact our admin team via [].

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