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Accredited Advanced Food Safety Level 4

A certified person in Advanced Food Safety Level 4 is a person who works in the food safety field and has a high level of knowledge of food safety hazards, including microbiological hazards, chemical hazards, physical hazards, and HACCP principles. This is accomplished by understanding controls of hazards and managing food safety in different food sectors.

Who should get this qualification?

This certification is intended for inspectors, trainers, auditors, supervisors, managers in the food industry.

Bread in oven
Mind Map
Chef cooking

Learning Outcomes

1. Introduction to Food Safety

2. Food Hazards

3. Control measures


5. Managing food safety

  Certification Prerequisites

  1. Diploma (Minimum 2 years) or degree certificate related to food safety OR Evidence for Experience (Minimum 2 years in food safety).

  Certification Process

  1. Apply for training/ exam.

  2. Sign the agreement and add your personal information.

  3. Attend the exam.

  4. Get your result and certificate.

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