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Food Fraud Prevention for Professionals

Updated: Apr 1

Food Fraud Prevention E-Qualification

Food Fraud Prevention E-Qualification

In today's rapidly evolving food industry, ensuring the authenticity and integrity of food products is paramount. Food fraud poses significant challenges, including economic losses, harm to consumer health, and damage to brand reputation. This comprehensive TSI E- qualification is designed to equip professionals working in the food industry with the knowledge and tools to combat food fraud effectively.


  1. Understand the concept of food fraud and its various forms.

  2. Recognize the consequences of food fraud on the food industry and consumers.

  3. Recognize the types of food fraud.

  4. Learn strategies and techniques to detect and prevent food fraud.

  5. Gain insights from real case studies related to food fraud

Be prepared to apply your knowledge to protect your organization from food fraud risks.

Do you want to attain this E- qualification? Click on the Apply button below and get your registration code.

After you get your registration code, do not forget to download the TSI app and access your E-Qualification using the registration code:


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